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The following Funds Transfer Options are available to qualified Clients

1. EBICS - Electronic Bank Internet Communications Standard

We are pleased to introduce Electronic Funds Transfer for commodities trading and other financial transactions that requires the ability to achieve these goals via Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard or EBICS. This requires two parties for any transaction. Party A is the entity that requires his funds to be transferred via EBICS and distributed in order to accomplish the business transaction. Party B is the entity that has a specialized corporate receiving account to receive funds that are of good, clean and of non criminal origin and to distribute said funds to the various nominated parties. Party B charges a fee for facilitating the handling of Party A's funds and distributing said funds to nominated parties. In order to proceed we need to receive the following:


We have the ability to process and download "online" debt / credit card payments, as there are many offers currently in the International Market place currently. We cannot process OFFLINE transactions.

Our procedures are simple:

1.We sign a commodity contract (sales and purchase contract) on one of our many products.

2.This gives us the legal reason and logic to process/download the agreed payment, via "online" Bank, Computer, EFTPOS regulations.

3.We process and download the money.

4.The FEE is negotiated on each transaction. No to transfers are the same.

  1. Client Application Document

  2. Scanned colour passport copy.

  3. Scanned copy of FRONT and BACK of DEBIT CARD

  4. Proof of Funds in Bank Account

  5. Corporate resolution if a company

3. Process MT103/202 transactions

We have the ability to process SWIFT MT103/202 transactions with Government Authority to receive large transactions. It is important that the MT103/202 client can prove he has Cash in the Bank to support the SWIFT MT103/202

In order to proceed, a client looking for any of the above services the client will have to submit the following documentation:

  1. Client information sheet. (CIS).

  2. Scanned colour passport copy.

  3. Copy of the SWIFT MT103/202.

  4. Copy of Bank Statement showing funds balance to support the transaction

  5. Corporate resolution if a company

It usually takes between 5-7 banking days to conclude a transaction.

For assistance contact us at :United Kingdom Contact  +44 745 238 2011 or Hong Kong Contact +852 9700 9649 / We also on SKYPE -- lionheart.group or Whatsapp - +447786432043