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We offer the following Products and Services to Companies and Individuals worldwide. We are available to assist you during our normal working hours 9 am to 7 pm GMT throughout the year. At LionHeart we are focused on providing our clients tailor-made solutions to meet their investment and borrowing criteria. We also provide solutions to small and medium sized (SME) enterprises with venture capital, joint venture funding and other private investor involvement. Click on any button below to review each service. You are only an email away (info@golionheart.com) from getting your question answered or your financial problem solved

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Cautionary Advice please note that these instruments are best suited to professional individuals or organizations. The PROCEDURES AND PRICES are always SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION. At LionHeart we provide the facility but we offer no advice on how to use such instruments. We suggest at you seek professional advice if at any time you are not certain about the use of these instruments. Finally you must prove you have the funds to cover all costs related to the transaction and show PROOF OF FUNDS or provide a Bank Commitment Letter.